Brave, unconcerned, mocking, violent—thus wisdom wants us: she is a woman, and loves only a warrior.
Go west. Paradise is there.


Taxi Ride by Tori Amos

In the harrowing Taxi Ride, she addresses the tragic death of gay celebrity makeup artist – and her close friend – Kevyn Aucoin. “The odd thing about Taxi Ride was that this song was being written before he died, and he even heard that line, just another dead fag to you. I was writing it as part of another song about a gay guy who was dying of AIDS. He miraculously recovered, and the song didn’t get written. It started propelling itself again early this year, and Kevyn and I were having conversations. and I didn’t know what was coming. But I knew he was in a lot of pain, and he felt betrayed by people who weren’t there when he was in need. Then everybody who shows up in his death can give a statement, but they weren’t there in the trenches. His death brought up a lot of things in people- some lovely and some despicable and disgusting. Taxi is for Kevyn.”  Tori; Out Magazine, Nov 2002

We’ve all been pushed too far. I guess on days like this you know who your friends are.
We should not allow into our minds the conviction that argumentation has nothing sound about it; must rather we should believe that it is we who are not yet sound and that we must take courage and be eager to attain soundness, you and the others for the sake of your whole life still to come, and I for the sake of death itself.